Boozin' Burgers: National Cheeseburger Day with Barstool Sports

Created by The Truffleist

We spent the day hanging out with Glennyballs and Donnie from Barstool Sports at Madison Square Eats on National Cheeseburger Day talking about the famous Truffleist Burger. That's two four-ounce black Angus patties, fried burrata, freshly shaved truffles, truffle mayo, melted mozzarella, caramelized onions and cheese sauce on a toasted prosciutto bun. Yes! Prosciutto in a bun. Is there anything else you could ask for on National Cheeseburger Day? Glennyballs and Donnie couldn't. 

Watch the video at Barstool Sports. Caution: We cannot be responsible for the drool that damages your keyboard. Can't wait until the next Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist pop-up? Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned to our feed for the latest news and information on when our pop-ups will be live. In the meantime get recipe inspiration and catch up on our videos with chef Casey Corn. She'll teach you approachable ways to use our truffle products at home. Try asparagus truffle butter risotto, truffle oil hummus, and grilled cheese with truffle mustard, and more. Don't worry, we wouldn't leave you hanging without a way to get your truffle fix.





Barstool Sports Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist Truffleist Burger

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